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>> #543866
Posted on 2024-05-13 07:20:50
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This is amazing

>> #543923
Posted on 2024-05-13 20:02:29
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Oh I like this always good to wiggle the hypno butt <3

>> #544018
Posted on 2024-05-14 17:23:00
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First mannip on this site! I think I will do more, if you have any feedback or mannip you want me to write next, feel free to share, I'm always looking for new ideas.

P.S: hmmm I might have wrote this comment a bit late...

>> #544148
Posted on 2024-05-16 00:00:15
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I guess my only criticism is to make sure to proof read. Especially in the second half there are lots of little screw ups in spelling in grammar. If you have trouble with that you can always ask for help. I'd be willing to proofread if you send me a pm. Also changed your tag to have (manipper) since that's what you are.

>> #544346
Posted on 2024-05-18 01:37:21
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Thanks! Yeah I kinda made the mannip quickly, I'll take more time to proof read next time :>