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Posted on 2024-05-15 08:00:30
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this is Zane "Lucys" final friend instead of sending him away to be brainwashed into an obedient sissy his parents decided to do it themselves by modifying the music he is always listening to

image 1: Zane is more than a little annoyed his parents burned all of his clothes replaced them with girls clothes and locked him in a chastity cage though after a while of listening to music dressing like a girl doesn't sound completely unpleasant

Zane: yeah like forcing me to wear a chastity cage and replacing all my clothes will just magically turn me into a sissy... fuckin idiots

image 2: after a while Zane decided to try on a skirt and to his surprise it feels rather nice he managed to find a tanktop his parents forgot to burn his parents also put a slightly smaller chastity cage on him as his penis was getting smaller

Zane: no mom I'm not slowly turning into a sissy I just put on this skirt 'cause I had to wear something and you burned all my clothes... though it doesn't feel too unpleasant(he whispers that last part under his breath)

image 3: after a few months the process is complete the "special music" managed to fully transform him into a sissy without him noticing he has become a lot more submissive and compliant lately you may notice he is now wearing an even smaller chastity cage this is his final size as he can't get much smaller down there he is being told that his mother found him a boyfriend and has arranged a date for them he seems happy about it

Zane: thank you so much mother I can't wait to meet him