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Before too long, the Master decided it was time to further expand the Sisterhood. He quickly decided on invading the land of Elyos, with it's wide variety of powerful, and attractive, women. Yunaka was able to maintain her personality in part because of her willpower, but largely due to being one of the first to be subdued. Once the invasion fully started, most - if not all - of the others were too distressed to withstand the ritual. Regardless, Yunaka's desire to leave her old life behind and start over was a perfect fit for the Sisterhood - her sole desire is to obey the Master, and she has no preferences as to how. So long as she's given commands, she will vibrantly follow them. For as exuberant as she acts, her favorite way to spend time is in quiet with the Master - feeling safe, loved, and valuable.

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133500th femsub post!