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Posted on 2024-06-11 08:25:20
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Dude's getting experimental with that position at 2:57

>> #546597
Posted on 2024-06-11 09:22:58
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Saw this on R34 and loved it. Wish someone would dub it.

>> #546598
Posted on 2024-06-11 09:23:15
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^ And add SFX

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Posted on 2024-06-11 09:33:26
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This is coming from someone who has never studied animation, so it's a very humble critique, but one thing I have noticed is that 2D video games could get away with characters being completely static at times, while 3D games had idle animations ever since the N64 era. I know it's replicating a specific shot from a scene, but Sumire looks pretty weird on 1:36 due to her total lack of movement. I would have at least added a subtle breathing animation. That would do for a great adaptation of the shot to the new format.
Having said that, great job over all. Keep it up. :D

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Posted on 2024-06-11 09:34:34
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I don't know if the original artist is going to read my comment, though, now that I think about it. Hope they will. ^^;