before_and_after blush brown_eyes brown_hair clothed collar collarbone drool elf_ears femsub glowing glowing_eyes green_eyes hoodie humor long_hair open_mouth ponytail sleepymaid smile sweater text tongue tongue_out topless

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Posted on 2024-06-11 20:21:51
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So very much true.

>> #546631
Posted on 2024-06-11 21:50:30
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Nice. I am always looking forward for art from Sleepymaid.

>> #546634
Posted on 2024-06-11 23:07:48
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Man, vibes sister, vibes :<

>> #546640
Posted on 2024-06-12 01:10:57
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I always forget how nice it's gonna feel beforehand, and there's a bit of hesitation going under... then I just want to stay like that.

She is killing the look in that sweater by the way

>> #546645
Posted on 2024-06-12 02:06:53
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New Sleeoymaid is always a treat!

>> #546651
Posted on 2024-06-12 04:34:13
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Gosh this is fantastic~~~ <3 <3 <3

If anyone would breakout into the mainstream with a hypno meme it would likely be sleepy.
Crazy how that happened to the bimboization meme @.@

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Posted on 2024-06-19 12:41:28
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Don't you *hate* it when your Mistress snaps you out of your fluffy obedient trance just to brainwash you again? Ughh, it's always so boring not have her lovely voice whispering in the back of my head all the time :<

>> #547320
Posted on 2024-06-19 12:43:55
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Also wait that bimbofication meme template was originally a hypno thing????