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Posted on 2024-06-16 00:24:21
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"In 1999, well-known music producer, ex-assassin and owner of the "Mox Records" music distribution company "Moxxie" was the victim of a discrediting campign presumed to be organised by Voxtech, who at the time rivaled with Mox Records for a 40% share in all album sales in hell.
The way the mysterious party did this is that using technology borrowed from the "MVMK project" they created a hypnotic video which ordered those who viewed it to fuck (or in this case rape) the CEO, a very strange case of revenge it was.
The mysterious party then aired said video on the "HSAT" cable tv network at midnight lasting an hour.
Presumably around 10 people ended up watching this strange broadcast with two of them actually showing up at the ceo's house at 3 am allegedly trying to have sex with him.
At the next day an investigation was launched with moxxie, vox, and the two demons and being questioned.
The investigation made it clear that moxxie wasn't behind the broadcast, but it wasn't found out who ended up making and allowed to air said broadcast.
The two demons was let go with a slap on the wrist due to a technicality in the justice system, and although moxxie did tried to sue the head of voxtech for potential defemation, but the case was settled privately outside of court."

It feels so good to be back, hopefully i can be even more productive soon ;)

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Posted on 2024-06-16 02:10:16
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Posted on 2024-06-20 04:06:51
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oh hell yeah. Thats a good one right there. WORTH THE WAIT!