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Posted on 2024-07-10 22:23:21
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"Erika asked me to Smash a little bit... and I was surprised to hear this since she broke her Nintendo Switch just days ago in rage (that new Elden Ring DLC was wild, man... cursed that Messmer). After a while, I discovered how she could get a copy running... she set up an emulator on our TV and got a working ISO from the web. Except, as I told you many, MANY times, to Emulate a game, Emule isn't the best place to find for games. I was expecting yet another "Shrek is love, Shrek is life" porn to play (don't ask), but, surprisingly, it was a Super Smash Bros Ultimate... Nut edition. It didn't take long to understand what the last word stood for as Erika lay down on the couch, pulling down her pants and panties, offering me her pristine ass.

She asked me for a match of Smash... and who was I to refute"

Now, a little bit of credits for this one are due:
Credits to Jago Dibuja for the main generation: He found a LORA with his work on Civitai and decided to give it a go. He has a Patreon and posts both SFW and NSFW material, so give him a chance, will ya? Can't post URLs on the hub, sorry ):
- Credits (and apologies) to SMG4 for providing the Mario picture: I think it comes from one of the "Mario reacts to Nintendo memes" series of videos. He and his crew are very talented in animations, both "Gmod" esque-like and more serious (like Murder Drones or The Amazing Digital Circus). Find him on YouTube.
- The text logos come from various resources of Super Smash Bros, if it wasn't obvious enough.

And that's all. Don't ask me what ticked me to make this "strange" composition, but honestly... it was a load of fun. Hopefully, it will be for you too.