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A drawing challenge held every November where artists draw one hypnosis related drawing a day according to prompts of their choosing.

Note: this tag doesn't apply just because a piece was drawn or posted in November.

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 ahoge bed bottomless bow breasts brown_hair brushie_art drool empty_eyes femsub glasses hair_ribbon hand_on_head happy_trance hypnovember maledom navel nipples nude open_mouth original penis ribbon short_hair sitting smile topless wholesome  brushie_art female_only femsub hypnovember original penny_(brushie_art) pink_eyes robotization solo text  bare_shoulders breasts brushie_art chains charlotte_(brushie_art) clothed collar crossed_arms demon_girl face_mask female_only femsub gas_mask glowing horns hypnotic_gas hypnovember large_breasts laughing laughing_gas leash mask original restrained solo spread_legs tail tears tech_control text    altered_perception brown_hair brushie_art crop_top dazed female_only femsub genderswap hair_ribbon hypnovember midriff navel open_mouth original penny_(brushie_art) ribbon sexuality_change short_hair shorts solo spiral surprised  breasts brown_hair brushie_art dazed dialogue femsub hair_ornament hair_ribbon hand_on_head happy_trance head_in_lap hypnovember lying navel on_back original parker_(brushie_art) penny_(brushie_art) ribbon short_hair smile text topless underwear water wholesome  bare_shoulders blush bra breasts brown_hair brushie_art candy charlotte_(brushie_art) demon_girl dialogue drool erect_nipples erect_nipples_under_clothes female_only femdom femsub heart_eyes horns huge_breasts hypnotic_food hypnotized_hypnotist hypnovember lollipop mommy nipples original short_hair spiral_background symbol_in_eyes tail text

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