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A character's shirt is lifted, exposing their midriff, navel, or breasts.
If a character is in the progress of removing their shirt, it is also undressing.

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 absurdres alternate_color_scheme bangs bare_breasts blue_hair breasts cleavage clothed_exposure collarbone confused dazed dialogue erect_nipples expressionless female_only femdom femsub gardevoir groping hand_on_another's_cheek hypnotic_touch large_breasts magic maylene monster_girl navel nintendo nipples no_bra open_mouth pink_hair pokemon pokemon_diamond_pearl_and_platinum psychic shirt_lift short_hair signature simple_background smile sobergin speech_bubble spiral_eyes standing sweat text twintails undressing  absurdres animal_ears before_and_after blush breasts bubble cat_ears cat_girl cleavage coin collar comic confused dazed drool female_only femsub gradient_background green_eyes green_hair inkling inkling_girl instant_loss large_breasts midriff monster_girl multicolored_eyes multicolored_hair navel nintendo open_mouth original pale_skin pendulum phantom_hand pink_eyes pink_hair resisting restrained sharp_teeth shirt_lift short_hair signature simple_background slit_pupils sobergin speech_bubble spiral_eyes splatoon standing tank_top text thong undressing  arms_behind_back bare_shoulders bluecoffeedog blush bondage bottomless breasts breath collar dialogue earbuds eye_roll female_only femsub furry gloves glowing glowing_eyes happy_trance heart horse_girl kneeling large_breasts latex long_hair mind_break my_little_pony navel nipples non-human_feet open_mouth opera_gloves pink_hair pink_skin pinkie_pie progress_indicator pussy pussy_juice restrained ring_eyes sex_machine sex_toy shirt_lift signature speech_bubble sybian tech_control text thighhighs vibrator visor  animal_ears bare_breasts before_and_after black_sclera blush bottomless breasts brown_hair cleavage cleavage_cutout clothed_exposure coin comic crop_top demon demon_girl dialogue drool eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyelashes fangs female_only femdom femsub gin_(sobergin) groping hand_on_hip happy_trance horns instant_loss jeans large_breasts long_hair mantra midriff monster_girl multicolored_hair multiple_arms navel nipples open_mouth original pendulum red_skin sharp_teeth shirt shirt_lift short_hair shortstack sideboob signature simple_background sitting smile smirk smug sobergin socks spiral_eyes standing sweater tail tan_skin tank_top text tight_clothing undressing veronica_(invisible11) white_hair yellow_eyes  3d animated before_and_after bottomless breasts coils elasid erection femdom glowing glowing_eyes hypnotic_eyes malesub naga_girl penis shirt_lift snake_girl sound tailjob undressing video  bed blush breath brown_eyes brown_hair censored cum cum_on_body echi_echi_tk erection erection_under_clothes happy_trance headphones hero_(omori) looking_at_viewer lying male_only malesub omori on_back pants penis precum shirt shirt_lift smile spiral_eyes sweat symbol_in_eyes

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