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A character is somewhat curvy but only at most borderlines fat. A measure is if they are "fat in all the right places". The curvy or fat tags may also be applied.

See also:

* hourglass_figure
* thick_thighs
* large_breasts

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  armpits arms_above_head blonde_hair blush breath cameltoe chubby cleavage collar cynthia erect_nipples female_only femsub glowing_eyes huge_breasts long_hair manip misterman4_(manipper) nintendo open_mouth pokemon smile spiral_eyes sports_bra sportswear sweat tagme wide_hips wlcmt yoga_pants  begging braces breasts brown_hair bunny_ears bunny_girl chubby cinnabus dialogue drool english_text femsub inverted_nipples lopunny maledom memory_alteration memory_lapse nintendo nipples nude pink_eyes pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokephilia spiral spiral_eyes sweat tail tears text tongue tongue_out twintails unaware weight_gain  armor azalea_(azalea) becky_(mahoumonster) black_hair black_lipstick bliss_(elecbabble) blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_skin breast_grab brown_eyes brown_hair cat_ears cat_girl cat_tail charlotte_(brushie_art) choker chubby clothed_exposure cow_girl cowbell cum dark_skin dazed drool erect_nipples erection exposed_chest expressionless female_only femdom femsub futanari gold green_eyes grey_hair gym_uniform happy_trance horns hypnoxenoid ida_(zelhypno) jess_(kylewtb) kassidy_(medrifogmatio) lapis_(lapislazuliart) large_ass large_breasts large_hips large_lips large_penis lip_biting lulu(shieol1) luna_(hypnoxenoid) maeve_(purringpinkette) makeup manon_(street_fighter) muscle_girl nude office_lady original pendulum penis pink_hair ponytail purple_eyes purple_hair red_hair spiral_background spiral_eyes succubus takinom_(thesalazar) text tongue tongue_out white_hair  blush bottomless bow breasts cape chubby dialogue double_v exposed_chest female_only femsub furry hair_covering_one_eye happy_trance jintally large_breasts long_hair navel nipples nude open_mouth sheep_girl signature smile solo speech_bubble spiral spiral_eyes standing text topless v white_hair  ahoge brown_hair character_profile chubby clothed color gloves goatee green_eyes male_only maledom mesmerizer_(mx_driftdrop) mx_driftdrop original ponytail purple_background simple_background smile smug spiral suit symbol symbol_in_eyes tan_skin team_fortress_2 text tie watermark  arm_warmers blush chubby cleavage crop_top expressionless female_only femsub furry gloves hair_covering_one_eye horse_girl kneeling large_hips long_hair my_little_pony navel non-human_feet open_mouth opera_gloves original pendulum pink_skin pstash purple_hair rainbow_eyes short_shorts shorts simple_background solo spiral_eyes sweat thighhighs underboob

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