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A character's fingernails or toenails are applied with lacquer cosmetically.

See also:

* toenail_polish
* long_nails
* makeup

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 absurdres ai_art blonde_hair breasts choker cleavage cynthia esccc_(generator) expressionless eyelashes femsub foot_focus glowing glowing_eyes hair_covering_one_eye hair_ornament large_breasts maid maid_headdress maledom nail_polish nintendo pantyhose pendulum pink_eyes pokemon pokemon_diamond_pearl_and_platinum preview ribbon skirt skirt_lift spiral_eyes thighs v very_long_hair  absurdres bed blonde_hair blush breasts celica_(town_of_magic) demon_girl demoness_(town_of_magic) evil_smile female_only femdom femsub glowing_eyes green_hair horns hypnotic_eyes light_skin lying mspainter nail_polish nipples nude open_mouth purple_skin smile tail town_of_magic wings  armpits arms_above_head azalea_(azalea) blush bra breast_grab breasts cleavage dazed drool elf_ears erect_nipples erect_nipples_under_clothes femsub finger_in_mouth groping happy_trance lipstick_mark multicolored_hair nail_polish non-binary non-binary_sub open_mouth original phantom_hand pink_eyes restrained shieol1 short_hair sweat tongue tongue_out  absurdres after_fellatio black_hair breasts cell_phone comic cowgirl_position dialogue drool english_text femdom hair_covering_one_eye heart_eyes huge_breasts hypnotic_app long_hair looking_at_viewer mahoumonsterart male_pov malesub nail_polish nipples open_mouth penis phone pov pov_sub pubic_hair pussy pussy_juice sex shrunken_irises smile speech_bubble stray_pubes symbol_in_eyes tech_control text tomoko_kuroki vaginal virgin watamote yandere  ahegao alternate_hairstyle bent_over blonde_hair blue_eyes blush body_writing bottomless bouncing_breasts breasts collarbone cynthia dialogue double_v eye_roll femsub hair_covering_one_eye hair_pulling hanauna hanging_breasts heart heart_eyes huge_breasts japanese_text nail_polish nintendo nipples nude open_mouth pokemon pokemon_diamond_pearl_and_platinum sex symbol_in_eyes text thighhighs topless translation_request twintails v vaginal very_long_hair  alternate_hairstyle bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_eyes blush choker clothed collarbone cynthia dialogue erect_nipples_under_clothes female_only femsub hair_covering_one_eye hair_ornament hanauna heart japanese_text knees_together leaning_forward looking_at_viewer miniskirt nail_polish nintendo open_mouth pokemon pokemon_diamond_pearl_and_platinum simple_background smile sneakers solo standing tank_top text thigh_gap thighhighs translation_request twintails very_long_hair white_background

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