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A persuasive announcement for a fictional product or organization, often involving a hypnotic device, service, or hypnotized person to publicize it.

Concerning real life advertisement, price sheets should go under the "commission_sheet" tag. Others might fall under the preview tag.

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 advertisement animated_gif original pendulum spiral user_interface  absurdres advertisement armpits arms_above_head blonde_hair bracelet cleavage collarbone dancer dancing female_only femsub happy_trance harem_outfit marcy_(nievart) navel nievart original short_hair simple_background smile solo spiral_eyes tagme text your_character_here  abs absurdres advertisement bare_legs barefoot bikini black_hair blue_eyes breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cleavage collarbone dark_skin drool eye_roll feet female_only femsub hair_ornament happy_trance heavy_eyelids hourglass_figure huge_breasts isako_toriumi_(persona_3) korra large_hips legend_of_korra light_skin long_hair multiple_girls multiple_subs muscle_girl navel nickelodeon nico_robin one_piece open_mouth persona_(series) persona_3 posed red_hair short_hair signature slave_bikini slavekini smile spiral_eyes standing standing_at_attention sunglasses symbol_in_eyes tagme text thigh_gap tomo86 tongue  advertisement bikini_top blonde_hair bow comic cowgirl dazed dialogue drool english_text femsub financial_domination hayley_the_dolly_(hollydolly+svettak92) holly_the_dolly_(hollydolly) humor jean_shorts multiple_subs original polmanning red_hair sign single_hair_bun speech_bubble spiral_eyes svetta_(svettak92) symbol_in_eyes tan_lines tan_skin text wind-up_key absurdres advertisement bimbofication braid breast_expansion brown_hair bubble cleavage_cutout clothed crisplukae dialogue female_only femsub green_eyes happy_trance huge_breasts hypnotic_drink jacket lucy_(silkmerchant) mina_(silkmerchant) multiple_girls original pink_eyes ponytail red_hair ring_eyes short_hair smile speech_bubble sweater text very_long_hair  advertisement bare_legs breasts bunny_girl collarbone drool femsub furry gradient_background hypnodoe leotard long_hair nipples open_mouth original pink_skin purple_hair sakura_(gamin_gryff) simple_background story tech_control text visor

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