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Tag type: General

More than one different version of the same character appear together in the same image.

Take note that solo should not be used with this tag.

If the instances of the character are identical, use clone instead.

See also:

* dual_persona for two versions of the same character

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 absurdres ameerashourdraws antenna black_lipstick brushie_art dark_skin female_only fembot fembottica femsub gloves green_eyes happy_trance headphones high_heels hypnolordx ibex-cg latex long_hair mothost multiple_girls multiple_persona multiple_subs one-piece_swimsuit opera_gloves original robotization shennanigma spiral_background supertechno324 swimsuit tech_control theheckle thighhighs usakiki white_hair  absurdres ass ass_grab bare_shoulders blonde_hair bottomless breast_press breasts candy_kong cleavage crop_top donkey_kong_(series) dual_persona eshie eyeshadow femsub fingering furry happy_trance headphones huge_breasts hypnotic_music hypnotized_hypnotist lipstick makeup monkey_girl multiple_persona music_player nintendo pink_lipstick pussy_juice red_lipstick selfcest short_hair short_shorts shorts simple_background smile spiralwash_eyes squirting standing sweat tank_top tongue tongue_out torn_clothes yuri 3d dual_persona femsub haigure haigure_ayami haigure_ayami_(artist) multiple_persona original person_of_rom  black_hair bottomless breasts collar collarbone dc_comics earrings female_only femsub gloves hand_on_head harem hypnotized_assistant lipstick lois_lane long_hair makeup maledom multiple_girls multiple_persona multiple_subs my_adventures_with_superman netorare opera_gloves pasties polmanning pregnant pubic_hair pussy short_hair signature simple_background smile standing superman_(series) text thighhighs tomboy uniform  asphyxiation black_hair cleavage coils dark_skin disney femsub jungle kaa kaa_eyes katsiika loincloth maledom multiple_persona restrained shanti snake the_jungle_book  a_link_between_worlds absurdres bangs belt belted_skirt blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts clothed_exposure dialogue dress dress_lift drool dual_persona earrings elf_ears eyeshadow female_only femdom femsub good_sub_conditioning jewelry large_breasts long_hair mantra multiple_girls multiple_persona multiple_subs necklace nintendo no_panties open_mouth pale_skin panties pendulum pov pov_dom princess_zelda sideboob signature simple_background skirt skirt_lift sobergin spiral_eyes spirit_tracks symbol_in_eyes text the_legend_of_zelda tongue tongue_out toon_zelda yuri

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