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A character is performing fellatio on empty air or on something that is suggestive of a penis but is not a penis, like a banana, a dildo, or a penis_tentacle.

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 absurdres ass bare_legs barefoot black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes bottomless bracelet breast_fondling breast_grab breasts clothed comic crotch_rub dildo empty_eyes erika_(er-ikaa) feet female_only glowing groping holding_breasts hypnotic_dildo hypnotic_sex_toy leaning_forward lying multicolored_eyes multicolored_hair myuk myuk-ko_(myuk) naked_ribbon navel navel_piercing nipples nude on_back orange_hair original piercing ponytail pussy ribbon_bondage sex_toy shirt simple_background simulated_fellatio smile smug tears topless underboob unusual_pupils white_background yuri  all_fours bimbofication bottomless brain_drain breast_press breasts comic corruption dildo female_only femsub frozenaardvark happy_trance huge_breasts hyper_breasts large_lips nude penis_tentacle plant_girl sex_toy simulated_fellatio text topless  black_hair black_lipstick blush breasts clothed clothed_exposure dialogue english_text female_only femsub fishnets kaa_eyes lipstick milf offering_fellatio ok_k.o.!_let's_be_heroes open_mouth prostitution sexually_suggestive sign simulated_fellatio simulated_handjob solo spakka text tongue tongue_out wilhamena  ahsoka_tano blood breasts breasts_outside choker clothed corruption dialogue drool english_text female_only femsub nipples offering_fellatio open_mouth orange_skin picturd1 red_eyes sexually_suggestive simulated_fellatio simulated_handjob solo star_wars text tongue tongue_out  arms_behind_back blush braid breasts cameltoe clothed coils crossed_eyes crotch_rub dazed disney drool eye_roll femsub french_kiss huge_breasts imminent_vore jujutsu_kaisen jungle kaa kaa_eyes lipstick long_hair long_tongue m4ns0n maledom mei_mei_(jujutsu_kaisen) oral red_lipstick restrained ring_eyes simulated_fellatio snake spread_legs sweat the_jungle_book tongue tongue_out tonguejob trembling white_hair  anus ass ass_grab breasts cucarachaaa drowzee femsub heart heart_eyes large_breasts maledom may nintendo pet_play pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_ruby_sapphire_and_emerald simulated_fellatio spread_anus symbol_in_eyes tongue tongue_out

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