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Hypnosis content made by the official company/artist of a series, as opposed to fan works. This includes artwork and scenes from a television show or movie.

While manga is included in this tag, doujinshi (independently-published Japanese works) do not count.

Note: Manips that use official art do not get this tag. It must be unaltered from the official version.

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 altered_perception anastasia_(1997) anastasia_romanov animated brown_hair demon dream femsub hair_ribbon happy_trance illusion long_hair magic maledom official pajamas peril ponytail rasputin sleeping sleepwalking sound tagme unaware video zombie_walk  belt blonde_hair bodysuit boots cape cat_girl comic english_text femsub hellcat_(marvel) instant_loss mandrill marvel_comics mask official patsy_walker pheromones red_hair super_hero text twintails valkyrie_(marvel_comics) western  accidental_hypnosis animated blush breast_press breasts charm_(spell) femsub hair_buns hair_ornament heart heart_eyes maledom mantra multiple_girls multiple_subs ninja official sound trouble_chocolate video voice_acted  animated bagheera disney happy_trance hypnotic_eyes kaa kaa_eyes male_only maledom malesub mowgli official panther ping resisting snake sound the_jungle_book topless trance_break video animated before_and_after body_control femsub gameplay_mechanics maledom official professor_xavier psychic rogue screencast sound tagme video video_game violence wheelchair x-men  animals_only card disney disney_lorcana english_text hypnotic_eyes kaa kaa_eyes lauren_levering looking_at_viewer official pov pov_sub snake spiral the_jungle_book

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