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A subset of hypnotic_clothing, a slavekini is a swimsuit that influences the wearer.

For the Star Wars-themed slave outfit, see slave_bikini.

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armor bikini bikini_armor blonde_hair boots breasts cleavage collarbone cure_sparkle empty_eyes female_only femsub gauntlets gloves green_eyes hair_ornament happy_trance healin'_good_precure high_heels hinata_hiramitsu hypnotic_accessory looking_at_viewer midriff mythkaz navel precure sitting slavekini solo tech_control twintails  bikini breasts chains cuffs dancing empty_eyes femsub genshin_impact happy_trance harem_outfit high_heels hypnotic_accessory jewelry midriff mona_megistus mythkaz navel slave_bikini slavekini smile solo tech_control twintails bare_legs bikini blue_eyes blue_hair blush breasts chains collar collarbone cuffs cure_milky femsub harem_outfit heart_eyes high_heels jewelry lala_hagoromo loincloth midriff mythkaz navel open_mouth precure see-through short_hair slavekini solo standing star_twinkle_precure symbol_in_eyes  ahoge anklet bangs bare_legs bikini breasts chains cleavage collar couch cuffs cure_star female_only femsub happy_trance harem_outfit heart_eyes high_heels hikaru_hoshina jewelry looking_at_viewer midriff mythkaz navel one_eye_open pillow pink_eyes pink_hair precure sandals see-through sitting slavekini smile solo star_twinkle_precure symbol_in_eyes toenail_polish twintails very_long_hair wink bikini blue_eyes blue_hair blush breasts collar cure_milky female_only femsub heart_eyes high_heels jewelry lala_hagoromo midriff mythkaz navel precure short_hair slavekini solo star_twinkle_precure symbol_in_eyes bikini breasts chains collar cure_star female_only femsub happy_trance heart_eyes high_heels hikaru_hoshina jewelry midriff mythkaz navel pink_eyes pink_hair precure slavekini solo star_twinkle_precure symbol_in_eyes toenail_polish twintails wink

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