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Murder Drones is a horror comedy independent-animated web series created by Liam Vickers and produced by Glitch Productions. The pilot episode premiered on the YouTube channel GLITCH on October 29, 2021. It was picked up for a full 8-episode season, beginning on November 18, 2022.

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 bangs belt crop_top expressionless female_only femsub greyscale hat iamaneagle large_breasts mantra murder_drones open_mouth robot robot_girl serial_designation_v short_hair simple_background sketch solo spiral_eyes thick_thighs wide_hips zombie_walk  arm_bands bangs belt clothed coils femdom grey_hair hand_on_hip hat headband large_breasts malesub murder_drones naga_girl open_mouth robot robot_boy robot_girl serial_designation_j serial_designation_n short_hair snake spiral_eyes tie tongue tongue_out tonyst0nk twintails unhappy_trance yellow_eyes  artist_request cat_pose collar dialogue femsub greyscale lizzy_(murder_drones) monochrome murder_drones pet_play robot robot_girl spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes tagme text  breasts clothed coils drool femdom grey_hair hat headband large_breasts malesub murder_drones naga_girl open_mouth ring_eyes robot robot_boy robot_girl serial_designation_n serial_designation_v short_hair snake spiral spiral_eyes tongue tongue_out tonyst0nk white_background yellow_eyes  clothed coin drool femsub grey_hair headband murder_drones open_mouth pendulum robot robot_girl serial_designation_v short_hair solo spiral spiral_eyes standing tail tonyst0nk white_background yellow_eyes  absurdres alternate_costume breasts femsub grey_hair hat large_breasts murder_drones purple_eyes purple_hair robot robot_girl serial_designation_v short_hair spiral_eyes unhappy_trance uzi_doorman weapon yellow_eyes zzsark

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