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Symo & Rose is a series which narrates the adventures of a seven-year-old boy named Symo and his young sister, Rose.

Everything takes place in their bedroom five minutes before the alarm clock goes off.

The bedroom is a normal one, just like any other little boy or girl’s room, only that incredible things happen in it. The toys in the baskets, the books on the shelves, the clothes in the closet and in the drawers, are all transformed as if by magic: a sock becomes a snake, a scarf becomes an eel, Symo’s bowtie becomes a multi-coloured butterfly, and they each begin to tell a story. The two protagonists are catapulted into these stories and embark upon amazing adventures.

Full of catchy music and cute characters, it is also crammed with references to classic movies, and is sure to appeal to all cinema lovers, young and old.

Symo & Rose is a series without dialogues, and therefore can entertain adults and kids all over the world.

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