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a character undergoes a physical and mental change which makes them into a nerd.
Sometimes accompanied by glasses, and braces.

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 before_and_after black_hair cleavage delphox dialogue feminization furry glasses large_breasts malesub mr.h nerd nerdification nintendo pokemon pokemon_(creature) short_hair speech_bubble t-shirt text transformation transgender witch witch_hat  breasts comic debimbofication erasethismail femsub hypnotic_clothing looking_at_viewer malesub naked_ribbon nerdification pov pov_sub ribbon_bondage sequence text transformation transgender  before_and_after blush comic drool erasethismail exposed_chest genderswap happy_trance hypnotic_gun malesub meme nerdification sweat tech_control transformation  backpack beehive_hair blue_eyes blush braces bunny_girl cleavage coupytf dress earrings feather_duster furry gloves hand_on_hip high_heels large_breasts lipstick long_hair messy_hair necklace nerdification original piercing pink_background purple_hair sakura_(gamin_gryff) shorts sneakers stepfordization t-shirt thighs transformation  absurdres ass ass_expansion blush bracelet braces breast_expansion breasts bubble cape cleavage cleavage_cutout cosplay coupytf dc_comics dialogue female_only femsub freckles glasses green_sclera grey_skin happy_trance heart_eyes huge_breasts leotard long_hair messy_hair midriff multiple_girls nerd nerdification purple_hair raven red_hair short_hair short_skirt simple_background skirt smile sparkle starfire symbol_in_eyes tan_skin teen_titans text thick_thighs thighhighs tight_clothing transformation unaware underboob  female_only femsub fingerless_gloves freckles green_eyes green_hair heart heterochromia hitoshi_shinso izuku_midoriya lipstick multicolored_hair my_hero_academia necklace nerdification open_mouth pink_lipstick pixel-chan-doodles pov purple_eyes purple_hair red_lipstick shoto_todoroki simple_background transgender white_background

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