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A character is hypnotized to pose like a cat.
This is usually accompanied by spread_legs, and the character acting, or thinking, they have claws on their hands.

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 animal_ears babydoll before_and_after bell bell_collar black_hair bottomless bow breasts breasts_outside cat_ears cat_girl cat_pose chains collar collarbone crotch_tattoo cuffs cunnilingus dazed dog_pose drool empty_eyes erect_nipples expressionless female_only femdom femsub frills glowing green_eyes heart_eyes huge_breasts hypnotic_accessory karyl lace large_breasts large_hips leash lingerie long_hair multiple_girls navel no_panties open_mouth oral orange_hair pecorine pet_play princess_connect!_re_dive purple_eyes px-tea restrained sex sitting_on_face spiral_eyes spread_legs squatting squirting symbol_in_eyes tail tattoo thighhighs tongue tongue_out trembling twintails very_long_hair yuri  animal_ears animated animated_gif bell bell_collar black_hair blue_eyes blue_lipstick blueshift_(polmanning) blush breath cat_ears cat_pose cat_tail catsuit cleavage cleavage_cutout clothed collar drool earrings fake_animal_ears fake_tail female_only femsub heart lipstick original panicatethemoon panting pendulum pet_play pixel_art ponytail solo spiral spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes tail  absurdres blue_hair bodysuit cat_ears cat_girl cat_pose crotch_rub drool edith_is_dead female_only femsub happy_trance headphones open_mouth original pink_eyes pussy_juice short_hair simple_background smile solo spiral_eyes spread_legs squatting symbol_in_eyes tail tech_control tongue tongue_out x-ray  animated animated_gif bell bell_collar black_hair blush breath cat_pose cat_tail catsuit clothed collar fake_tail femsub leopard_print milf original panicatethemoon panting pendulum pink_eyes pixel_art scarlet_smasher_(polmanning) simple_background spiral spiral_eyes tail  absurdres ai_art animal_ears border brown_hair cat_pose denial dialogue drool empty_eyes expressionless fangs glowing_eyes gradient_background guilegaze_(generator) guilegaze_(manipper) holo_(spice_and_wolf) instant_loss long_hair necklace nude open_mouth pet_play pussy red_eyes shirt skirt small_breasts smug spice_and_wolf squatting tail text vest wolf_girl  ahoge all_fours arm_bands bracelet breast_grab breasts cat_pose clothed elf_ears etlabsotwe fangs femsub flower flower_in_hair heavy_eyelids kokkoro_(princess_connect) nipple_play open_mouth pet_play princess_connect!_re_dive see-through short_hair simple_background sitting thought_bubble white_background white_hair

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