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A life size sculpture depicting a human, usually made of stone.
A character may undergo a physical transformation into one, or a mental transformation to make them believe that they are a statue.

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 bangs bare_shoulders beam blue_eyes blush boots brown_hair drool empty_eyes female_only femdom femsub fingering garie gloves gummy1024 hand_on_head happy_trance hug hypnotized_dom kneeling leotard maid maid_headdress multiple_girls nipples open_mouth opera_gloves pink_eyes pussy_juice see-through senki_zesshou_symphogear shirabe_tsukuyomi short_hair shrunken_irises small_breasts squirting statue straight-cut_bangs sweat tears thigh_boots thighhighs twintails  aurification before_and_after black_hair breasts captainkirb clothed earrings egyptian english_text female_only femsub glowing glowing_eyes hair_ornament jewelry large_hips leotard long_hair multiple_girls multiple_subs mummy nami_(one_piece) one_piece orange_hair perona pink_eyes pink_hair ponytail speech_bubble statue text thick_thighs transformation yuri  absurdres ass ass_expansion bangs bat_girl before_and_after bimbofication breast_expansion breasts confused female_only femsub furry glowing_eyes hat heart_eyes huge_breasts hypnotic_object lactation lip_expansion long_hair mahoumonsterart mantra mole multiple_views nipples nude pink_eyes pussy pussy_juice rouge_the_bat solo sonic_the_hedgehog_(series) standing standing_at_attention statue steam torn_clothes trembling white_hair  avatar_the_last_airbender breasts brown_hair dialogue english_text feet femdom footjob heterosexual hypnotic_smoke light_skin lila_lovestar_(sinfulwalpurrgis) malesub non-binary non-binary_sub original petrification pink_sclera shadow2007x smoking statue text toph  3d breasts femsub happy_trance ino_yamanaka naruto_(series) overlord petrification source_filmmaker statue  barcode bottomless breasts corruption crabhorn dronification femsub heart_pasties iono_(pokemon) latex long_hair nintendo nude pasties pokemon pokemon_scarlet_and_violet simple_background statue team_rocket topless transformation wide_hips

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