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Notes are boxes on images that display text underneath it when hovered.
They are not part of the image, but rather are placed by users.
Their most common use is to provide translations of the image's text.

To create a note, on the sidebar left of the image, there is a "Add Note" button under Options. Clicking it creates a note near the top-left of the image.
A note can be moved by dragging it around with your mouse, and can be resized by dragging the bottom-right corner of the note (indicated by a black square).
Hovering on the note will show a textbox underneath it. Clicking on this textbox opens the edit menu. You can edit the contents of the note in the textbox of the edit menu.
The save button will save the note's position, size, and contents. There is a 15-second cooldown between each save, which applies to all saves. Failing to save then leaving/refreshes the page will lose the edit progress. You can check that a note is saved successfully when a red message on the top left says "Note saved".
The cancel button discards any unsaved edits on the note.
The remove button deletes the note from the post.
The history button links to the history of the note. This feature is currently bugged since the note id directed from this button does not match the actual id of the note.


* <b> and </b> bolds the surrounded text
* <i> and </i> italizes the surrounded text
* <small> and </small> makes the surrounded text small
* <tn> and </tn> marks the surrounded text as "translator note", making it smaller and coloured grey
* Line breaks are just line breaks in the edit menu textbox
The color of bold, italics, and small are a shade of light grey, which causes it to be hard to see on the biege background, so they are not recommended.

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