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Parenting a post (the child) to another post (the parent) is to mark them as related.
Child posts will not appear on the default index!
(This can be circumvented by searching with a space or with an asterisk *)

How to parent

To parent a child post to a parent, first get the parent post id. This is the number after the 'id=' in the URL of the post. Next in the child post edit menu (where you normally edit tags), there is a "Parent" textfield. Put the parent post id in the textfield and save changes.
To change a child post's parent, change the parent id in the "Parent" textfield to the new parent post's id (and save changes).
To unparent a child post, replace the parent id in the "Parent" textfield to 0 (and save changes).


To search for all child posts of a parent, search for "parent:<parent id>".


Parenting is often used to group related images together. Some examples include images with slight changes (alts), pages of a comic/doujinshi, sequence of images.
A good practice is to have only one parent with multiple child posts instead of a chain of parent-child posts. This is to make searching for all images in the set easier.
If order of posts is important or there are many images in the set, use pools as well.

When posting a large set of related images, they can flood the frontpage and push previous posts off. Please parent these posts so that they do not flood the frontpage.

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