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These are things that aren't tagged because they're considered the default:

--Characters whose race is white/Caucasian. See dark_skin for tagging characters with a darker human skin tone. Also tag if they have an inhuman skin tone, like blue_skin.
--When a picture/video is in color. Tag if it is monochrome or greyscale.
--Characters without facial hair. Tag if a character has a beard and/or mustache.
--Characters without pubic hair or armpit hair. Tag if a character of any gender has pubic_hair or armpit_hair
--Circumcised penises. Tag if they are uncircumcised.
--A skinny or average (for porn) body type. Tag if they are very muscular (muscle_boy, muscle_girl, or muscle_futa). Tag if they are chubby or fat.
--English text is just tagged text. If it is in another language, also tag the language, like japanese_text.
--Text and/or comic panels read from left to right. Tag right_to_left.

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