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Pools are groups of posts with a common theme.


To create a pool, first go to the Pools page (by clicking "Pools" in the nav bar). Then on the bar below the nav bar, click on "New". In this pool creation menu, you can fill in the pool title and description as well as select its type.

There are 3 types of pools: public, private, and personal.
* Public pools allow anyone to add or remove posts from them.
* Private pools allow only the owner to add or remove posts from them.
* Personal pools allow only the owner to access them.

Once a pool is created, you can add and remove posts from them.

To add one or multiple post to a pool, click on the "Import" button in the bar below the nav bar. You can search for posts by any tag combination that they belong under. If any irrelevant posts are included in this search, you can manually remove them by toggling the "Remove posts" button, then clicking on the irrelevant posts.
A useful trick is to search for "id:[num]" which will include only the post with that id (useful for adding only one image), "id:>[num]" and/or "id:<[num]" which will include only posts with id greater than and/or less than [num] (useful in conjunction with other tags to limit post range).

To remove posts from a pool, toggle on "Delete Mode" on the pool page, then click on the posts you wish to remove. Be careful to not accidentally remove relevant posts. Toggle off "Delete Mode" to stop removing posts.

To rearrange the order of the posts, click on the "Order" button to access to ordering menu. For each post, put in the new index of the post. After saving, the posts will be ordered by sorting the inputted numbers in ascending order.
The "Auto Order" and "Reverse" buttons on the bottom are broken and nonfunctional. To reverse the order of all posts, you have to do it manually. A quick way to do so is to change the index of each post to negative. For example index 0 remains 0, index 1 to -1, index 2 to -2, and so on.

You can edit the pool title, type, and description in the edit pool menu, accessed by clicking "Edit" in the sub nav bar.


Public pools can be used to group images with little variation (alts), or images that are part of a sequence or series (like cg sets and comics).
If you are uploading a group of only two to three images, it might not be necessary to use pools. In this case, you can parent the posts together instead.
If you are uploading a group of many images at once, please parent the posts in addition to making a pool for them to hide them from the front page.
See also: help:parent

Private pools have the same function as public pools except only the owner can add/remove posts. If you are an artist or manipper making your own series, you can use a private pool to group new posts as they are made.

Personal pools cannot be accessed by other users, so it can be used as a favorite grouping system.

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