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Character tag for The Mesmerizer, a Team Fortress 2 OC by mxdriftdrop on tumblr.

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Last updated: Sun, Jun 16 '24, 06:30 by mx_driftdrop
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 ahoge clothed confused dialogue engineer_(team_fortress_2) goatee hand_on_another's_cheek male_only maledom malesub memory_lapse mesmerizer_(mx_driftdrop) monochrome mx_driftdrop original purple_eyes simple_background smile smug speech_bubble spiral symbol_in_eyes team_fortress_2 text tie trigger unaware  ahoge brown_hair character_profile chubby clothed color gloves goatee green_eyes male_only maledom mesmerizer_(mx_driftdrop) mx_driftdrop original ponytail purple_background simple_background smile smug spiral suit symbol symbol_in_eyes tan_skin team_fortress_2 text tie watermark