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Tag type: General

A character with one or more horns sprouting from his/her head. These may be real or fake.

Even if the character has only one horn, it should get this tag; horn is for musical instruments.

See also:

* horn
* tail
* animal ears
* fake animal ears
* furry

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 ahegao animated animated_gif drool horns persephone858 red_skin slit_pupils tagme tears  ahegao animated animated_gif horns persephone858 red_skin slit_pupils tagme tribadism  blonde_hair breasts corruption disney dragon_girl dress empty_eyes female_only femdom femsub horns hugothetroll maleficent mask open_mouth possession princess_aurora resisting sequence sleeping_beauty tail tail_growth transformation  ayuko_(jcroth) barefoot blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts derocrossh female_only femdom femsub furry glowing_eyes hair_ornament hair_ribbon hololive horns indeedee kazama_iroha kimono nintendo original pokemon posing possession purple_hair sandals short_hair sitting socks spiral_eyes sword virtual_youtuber weapon  absurdres ahoge blue_hair breasts clothed eroborne female_only femsub from_behind ganyu_(genshin_impact) genshin_impact gloves horns pendulum phantom_hand simple_background standing_at_attention very_long_hair white_background  breasts coils disney femsub furry goat_girl horns hypnofur kaa kaa_eyes large_breasts maledom milf moccathellama open_mouth snake the_jungle_book toriel_dreemurr undertale

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