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Tag type: General

A character with one or more horns sprouting from his/her head. These may be real or fake.

Even if the character has only one horn, it should get this tag; horn is for musical instruments.

See also:

* horn
* tail
* animal ears
* fake animal ears
* furry

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 bare_shoulders bottomless breasts cigarette collar collarbone cross demon_girl dialogue female_only femsub fishnets ghostec helltaker horns huge_breasts hypnotic_drug navel necklace nipples nude open_mouth piercing pubic_hair red_eyes sharp_teeth short_hair simple_background smoke solo spiral_eyes standing symbol_in_eyes tail text thick_thighs thighhighs tongue topless white_hair wide_hips zdrada_(helltaker)  ahoge albedo_(overlord) alternate_costume black_hair blush dress empty_eyes female_only femsub gloves glowing_eyes halo horns jewelry jibril large_breasts large_hips lindaroze long_hair looking_at_viewer manip misterman4_(manipper) multiple_girls necklace no_game_no_life open_mouth overlord pink_hair smile tagme thighhighs wings  ahegao ahoge armpits arms_above_head bangs breasts collar elf_ears empty_eyes eyebrows_visible_through_hair face_paint femsub horns kronobas28 large_breasts multicolored_hair navel nipples open_mouth original panties pendulum phantom_hand purple_eyes shirt_lift short_hair signature simple_background taki_(takiline) tank_top tongue tongue_out underwear  black_eyes breasts bug_girl elizantfan erection femsub furry holding_breasts hollow_knight_(series) hornet_(hollow_knight) horns large_breasts nipples paizuri pendulum penis signature sketch spiral_eyes text undressing  ash_(ashkelling) belt chin_hold claws dragon_boy furry gloves glowing horns hypnotic_orb jacket kamille_(novus724) kidcub leopard_boy male_only maledom malesub orb original resisting restrained robe sword vest weapon blush breast_grab breasts collar cow_girl cow_print cowbell drool female_only femsub groping holding_breasts horns hourglass_figure hypnotic_music light_skin miniskirt music navel open_mouth pink_hair ponytail pstash simple_background skirt solo spiralwash_eyes text thighhighs white_background

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