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A female character with features of a monster. Usually a human/monster hybrid.

See also:

* goo_girl
* naga_girl
* monster

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 blonde_hair blue_eyes brown_eyes brown_hair cailey_(swankypajamas) harem_outfit lina_(swankypajamas) marigold_(swankypajamas) monster_girl multiple_girls multiple_subs mythkaz naga_girl original pink_eyes pink_hair  absurdres black_hair boots bow breasts choker dark_skin femdom fishnets futanari futasub gameplay_mechanics ghost gloves hanging_down hat jewelry knees_together long_hair monster_girl navel_piercing original piercing ring_eyes skeleton smile spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes text topless underwear zmt62 zombietwink62  alternate_hairstyle antenna breasts bug_girl cleavage female_only femsub galvantula green_eyes large_breasts long_hair monster_girl multiple_eyes nintendo orange_hair papillon_(sailor_moon) plsgts pokemon pokemon_sword_and_shield sailor_moon_(series) sonia_(pokemon) spider_girl tongue tongue_out transformation  after_sex antenna bed bedroom black_hair blonde_hair blush chubby comic delilah_(supertechno324) demon_girl fangs fembot femsub fingering goblin_girl green_eyes green_skin hair_covering_one_eye happy_trance headphones heart high_heels horns hypnotized_dom latex long_hair monster_girl multiple_girls oral original ponytail pussy pussy_juice red_skin robotization spiral_eyes spiralwash_eyes supertechno324 swimsuit tail tech_control theresa_(sonrio) thigh_boots yuri  absorption ahoge aware bangs before_and_after blush bottomless breasts caption caption_only censored consensual cyrie dazed dewar_(manipper) dialogue eyebrows_visible_through_hair female_only femdom femsub futanari goo_futa goo_girl happy_trance heart huge_cock large_breasts love manip monster_girl multiple_girls nipples nude original pink_eyes pink_hair pink_skin ponytail posing possession pov see-through shiny_skin short_hair slime smile standing text thick_thighs tongue tongue_out topless transformation wholesome wide_hips wink yuri  ahoge breasts cleavage coils disney femsub kaa kaa_eyes large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer maledom moka_akashiya monster_girl open_mouth plsgts pov pov_dom rosario+vampire silver_hair snake the_jungle_book undressing vampire

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