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A female character is excessively muscular, as in post post #24536.

Being "well toned" (as in post #25123) and having some mild muscles showing (as in post post #25329) doesn't necessitate this tag.

See also:

* muscle_boy
* muscle_futa
* muscle_growth

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absurdres alternate_form armpits arms_above_head balls bandai_namco black_sclera blue_hair body_markings breasts collar corruption devil_reina_mishima erection face_paint futanari honeycums huge_balls huge_cock kneeling large_breasts muscle_girl navel nipples penis purple_skin red_eyes reina smile tekken topless torn_clothes  3d akizz bare_shoulders barefoot beam bikini blonde_hair blue_eyes brain_drain brown_hair closed_eyes corruption cuffs female_only femsub headband large_breasts lipstick long_hair multiple_girls muscle_girl nail_polish navel navel_piercing nipples nude on_back open_mouth original pubic_hair shoes super_hero table visor  abs ahegao bare_shoulders bottomless breasts collarbone cum eye_roll eyepatch femsub frisk_(undertale) ghostec greyscale huge_breasts huge_cock huge_nipples hypnotic_penis kneeling maledom meme monochrome muscle_girl navel nude open_mouth penis phantom_penis ponytail sharp_teeth simple_background spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes text thick_thighs tongue tongue_out topless traditional undertale undyne_(undertale)  abs animated animated_gif baldur's_gate bottomless braid breasts dazed elf elf_ears female_only femsub green_skin happy_trance huge_breasts karlach lae'zel_(baldur's_gate) long_hair multiple_girls multiple_subs muscle_girl navel navel_piercing nipple_piercing nipples nude piercing ponytail red_skin shadowheart_(baldurs_gate_3) standing standing_at_attention stiff_tail tail tiefling topless zombifier  abs bottomless braid breasts censored cum cum_in_mouth dialogue donut_ike fellatio femsub hard_translated hong_meiling large_breasts maledom muscle_girl nude oral paizuri penis pubic_hair text topless touhou translated  abs alternate_costume breasts cat_ears cat_girl cat_tail chains cleavage cosplay dark_skin femsub fingerless_gloves ghislaine_dedoldia gloves glowing glowing_eyes grey_hair happy_trance heterochromia huge_breasts jade_(mortal_kombat) large_hips lindaroze long_hair looking_at_viewer manip misterman4_(manipper) mortal_kombat muscle_girl mushoku_tensei pole_dancing smile spiral_eyes spread_legs squatting symbol_in_eyes tagme thighhighs

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