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A depicted character either has a mix of male and female traits or has a gender that cannot be easily determined from the artwork or the context.

* A male character exhibits strong feminine traits, but is still male.
* A female character exhibits strong masculine traits, but is still female.
* A character is of an indeterminable gender. (Note: Futanari characters do not get this tag. animals_only characters can only get this tag if said characters are feminization or are a trap)

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 androgynous androgynous_dom armpit_hair armpits bare_legs barefoot black_hair bulge closed_eyes dark_skin erection erection_under_clothes feet femdom finger_snap happy_trance headphones hypnotic_audio hypnovember long_hair lying malesub mantra night nipple_piercing nose_ring orange_hair piercing precum sleepy-foot smile spiral_background text topless wet_clothes  absurdres alien androgynous androgynous_dom antenna before_and_after bikini bouquet bow_tie breasts chubby comic deer_futa drool earrings expressionless floating furry futasub green_eyes high_heels hypnodoe midriff open_mouth opera_gloves original remote_control standing tech_control thighhighs trashybug ufo veil wedding_dress  androgynous androgynous_sub brushie_art confused dressing empty_eyes gloves maid maid_headdress monochrome open_mouth opera_gloves original pendulum ribbon simple_background skirt text uniform  androgynous catsuit chibi corset drone dronification gas_mask headphones hexcorp_(sleepystephbot) latex opera_gloves original tech_control thighhighs tight_clothing vanesarubberart visor  androgynous androgynous_sub animal_ears arms_behind_back barefoot collar confused dazed drool empty_eyes exhibitionism furry glowing_eyes hair_covering_one_eye heart leash mallangtteog non-human_feet open_mouth outdoors pendulum pink_eyes pixel_art shadove shirt_lift spread_legs squatting tail white_skin  abs aged_up androgynous androgynous_dom andromalius angel blonde_hair blue_skin brown_hair charlie_(hazbin_hotel) dc_comics demon demon_girl demon_slayer dragon_ball dragon_ball_xenoverse feet femsub grey_skin happy_trance harem_outfit hazbin_hotel heart heart_eyes horns long_hair maledom midriff multicolored_hair multiple_girls multiple_subs nezuko_kamado pink_eyes purple_eyes purple_hair raven red_eyes shinzu short_hair smile solium_infernum story teen_titans towa_(dragonball)

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