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we are triple trippy and lisa we are a trio of split personaltys we like maniping but its mostly triple that manips but we cant do much more then eyes

And as for the name 111... 1 for triple 1 for trippy and 1 for lisa that and I couldn't be bothered thinking of a name XP

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111_(manipper) cecil_(cecil_deerbot) deer_boy gas_mask high_heels hypnosiswolf original robot spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes tagme tail 111_(manipper) breasts drone femsub gas_mask greyscale large_breasts latex original sasirre squirrel_girl text trippy_tech_product  111_(manipper) animated animated_eyes_only animated_gif ass blush bondage breasts cameltoe caption dragon_girl female_only femsub large_breasts long_hair open_mouth purple_hair puzzle_&_dragons rakuma_kanori resisting sonia_(p&d) spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes text 111_(manipper) fake_animal_ears female_only femsub glowing glowing_eyes headphones hypnotized_hypnotist long_hair memetic_control original pink_hair tech_control text  111_(manipper) animated animated_gif beard bow_tie hat humor politics spiral text uncle_sam  111_(manipper) bunny_ears bunnysuit caption caption_only fake_animal_ears female_only femsub long_hair manip pink_hair reisen_udongein_inaba renyl text touhou

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