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Tag type: General

A character is wearing clothes other than the one they are typically depicted in.
Simply wearing their own super_hero costume would not qualify for this tag.

If only one character is wearing another character's clothing, it is cosplay instead.

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   ai_art alternate_costume breasts_outside corruption cutey_honey cutey_honey_(series) femdom malesub seinarumizuwomotomete sitting_on_face succubus urination  absurdres alternate_costume alternate_hair_color before_and_after bow bow_tie brown_eyes brown_hair clothed_exposure collar comic crotch_tattoo dark_skin drool earrings empty_eyes expressionless eyebrows_visible_through_hair faceless_male fellatio flower_in_hair forced_employee french_kiss gloves glowing_eyes hair_band hair_ornament headdress kissing large_breasts maledom midriff navel navel_piercing necklace original paragenerous parasite pasties prostitution red_eyes red_hair reverse_bunnysuit short_hair sitting speech_bubble straight-cut_bangs tech_control text thighhighs white_hair  absurdres ahoge alternate_costume angry arm_bands artoria_pendragon artoria_pendragon_(lancer) bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_eyes blush braid breasts censored chains choker cleavage clothed clothed_exposure collar collarbone comic dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair fate/grand_order fate/stay_night fate_(series) femsub futadom futanari green_eyes hair_ribbon huge_breasts incest large_breasts long_hair long_nails love_saber midriff morgan_le_fey_(fate) multicolored_hair multiple_girls multiple_subs navel pubic_hair pussy ribbon saber short_hair sisters very_long_hair witch  alternate_costume azure-lionheart before_and_after blonde_hair blue_eyes breast_expansion cleavage collar dialogue enemy_conversion female_only femsub furry gloves gun hair_covering_one_eye hair_growth idw_comics jacket knee_pads long_hair pants ponytail pov pov_dom red_eyes signature simple_background smile sonic_the_hedgehog_(series) speech_bubble standing story sweat text uniform very_long_hair whisper_the_wolf wolf_girl  alternate_costume azure-lionheart bat_girl bell bell_collar character_request cleavage collar femdom femsub furry gloves high_heels horns hypnotic_audio hypnotic_music idw_comics lanolin_the_sheep military_uniform rouge_the_bat saluting sheep_girl skirt sonic_the_hedgehog_(series) uniform wings  absurdres alternate_costume angel antenna before_and_after chaosoverlordz_(colorist) consensual dialogue dress emily_(hazbin_hotel) female_only femsub fingerless_gloves food forced_employee freckles gloves grey_skin happy_trance hazbin_hotel opera_gloves robotization simple_background smile solo speech_bubble spiral_eyes standing standing_at_attention supertechno324 symbol_in_eyes tech_control text transparent_background tray uniform very_long_hair visor waitress white_hair

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