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Any intentional mark made to the skin which excludes writing; can include tattoo symbols, cutie marks, barcode etc.

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* body_writing

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alternate_costume before_and_after body_markings corruption male_only malesub nintendo rauru_(tears_of_the_kingdom) tears_of_the_kingdom the_legend_of_zelda yaoi absurdres alternate_form armpits arms_above_head balls bandai_namco black_sclera blue_hair body_markings breasts collar corruption devil_reina_mishima erection face_paint futanari honeycums huge_balls huge_cock kneeling large_breasts muscle_girl navel nipples penis purple_skin red_eyes reina smile tekken topless torn_clothes  absurdres alien alien_girl bangs before_and_after bikini_top blue_eyes blue_hair blue_skin blush body_markings breasts cat_ears cat_girl cat_tail cleavage comic confused crossed_eyes dazed dialogue dress drool erect_nipples erect_nipples_under_clothes expressionless eye_roll eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyelashes fangs female_only femdom femsub groping hypnotic_eyes instant_loss large_breasts loincloth mascara multicolored_hair open_mouth original purple_eyes red_hair reimiko_(sobergin) short_hair short_shorts shorts signature simple_background slit_pupils smile smirk smug sobergin spiral_background spiral_eyes standing surprised tan_skin text underboob white_hair yellow_eyes yuri zombie_walk  anal ass blue_hair body_markings bottomless breasts cock_growth collar comic cum cum_in_ass doggy_style earrings erect_nipples feminization furry futanari futasub genderswap horse_penis large_penis long_hair magic maledom malesub mating_press mohawk my_little_pony nail_polish nipple_piercing non-human_penis nude penis piercing sex shining_armor short_hair sugarlesspaints topless transformation transgender unicorn_boy unicorn_futa x-ray yaoi zebra_boy  balls belle_nightjoy bellenightjoy black_hair blue_skin body_markings breasts chastity collar dialogue furry futa_only futanari futasub happy_trance heart_eyes heavy_eyelids large_hips lipstick long_hair maledom my_little_pony navel nipple_piercing nipples nude open_mouth original pegasus_futa penis pink_lipstick short_hair simple_background small_penis smile standing standing_at_attention symbol_in_eyes text thigh_gap wings yellow_eyes  bat_boy black_hair body_markings bottomless candle cock_ring collar crop_top crotch_tattoo double_fellatio earrings fellatio fox_boy furry gloves glowing glowing_eyes group_sex happy_trance kneehighs leash long_hair magic male_only maledom malesub multiple_boys multiple_subs munks nude opera_gloves oral penis restrained short_hair spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes threesome topless white_hair wings yaoi

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