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A character has ears that are pointed.

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 arms_above_head bangs blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bodysuit bondage cameltoe censored collar cover crotch_tattoo drool elf_ears erect_nipples erect_nipples_under_clothes faceless femsub gloves glowing_eyes happy_trance heart_eyes horns huge_breasts japanese_text jokerkin latex leotard mask multicolored_hair multiple_girls multiple_subs open_mouth opera_gloves parasite pasties pink_eyes pink_hair pixel_art pussy_juice restrained rubber short_hair simple_background slime straight-cut_bangs sweat symbol_in_eyes tattoo tentacle_sex tentacles text thigh_boots thighhighs tight_clothing tongue tongue_out trembling vaginal wide_hips bangs braid caption caption_only collar collarbone earrings elf_ears femdom freckles glowing_eyes horns long_hair long_nails looking_at_viewer male_pov manip meruccubus_(merunyaa) merunyaa mole monster_girl nipple_piercing nipples open_clothes original overlordmiles_(manipper) pov_sub smile succubus text undressing yellow_eyes absurdres alternate_costume arm_bands bangs barefoot blonde_hair bracelet collarbone disguised_hypnotist earrings elf_ears empty_eyes female_only femsub green_eyes happy_trance harem_outfit heart_eyes licking_lips long_hair navel parsee_mizuhashi smile solo standing symbol_in_eyes tagme touhou arm_warmers bare_shoulders bed blonde_hair bracers breasts breath_of_the_wild coils covering crossdressing elf_ears femboy femdom gerudo glowing_eyes gold happy_trance harem_outfit heavy_eyelids jewelry link lipstick malesub naga_girl nail_polish necklace nintendo original red_lipstick restrained safiyacoils seductive_smile smile smoke spiral_eyes the_legend_of_zelda  absurdres ass ass_expansion bangs blush breast_expansion breasts breath censored clothed cum cum_in_pussy drool elf elf_ears erect_nipples eye_roll femdom femsub fern_(frieren:_beyond_journey's_end) frieren frieren:_beyond_journey's_end green_eyes hair_ornament hime_cut huge_breasts humor hypnotic_beam magic maledom multiple_views nipple_clamps nipples nude open_mouth opera_gloves paizuri penis purple_eyes purple_hair sex silver_hair simple_background smile spiral_eyes sweat thighhighs thighs tongue tongue_out very_long_hair white_background zhizhuangjia  bottomless breasts crystal elf_ears female_only femsub gold legs_beside_head long_hair magic navel nightcap nipples nude open_mouth petrification ponytail pussy solo soul_stealing spread_legs tagme tentacles text topless

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