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Two or more characters under hypnosis are engaged in sexual or sexually_suggestive behavior with each other.

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 ahoge alisha_(tales_of_zestiria) alternate_costume bandai_namco bappy_(hypnolandom) blonde_hair blue_eyes brown_hair character_profile character_request copyright_request crossed_legs crossover cygames dragalia_lost edna_(tales_of_zestiria) elisanne english_text fairy fate/grand_order fate_(series) femdom femsub glasses green_eyes green_hair heart human_furniture hypnotized_dom ilia_(dragalia_lost) kid_icarus kneeling liling_(bluenayru) long_hair mileena_weiss multiple_girls multiple_subs mythkaz nintendo odetta_(dragalia_lost) original palutena pinon possession red_eyes sitting sub_on_sub tagme tales_of_(series) text white_hair wings wink zethia  alex ass black_hair blonde_hair booboingarts bottomless breast_sucking breasts clover dark_skin empty_eyes erect_nipples female_only femsub happy_trance hypnotized_hypnotist jewelry masturbation multiple_girls multiple_subs navel nipples nude orange_hair sam short_hair sub_on_sub threesome topless totally_spies  black_hair blush booboingarts bottomless femsub from_behind futaba_sakura glasses happy_trance hypnotic_screen joker_(persona_5) long_hair malesub multiple_subs nude orange_hair persona_(series) persona_5 ring_eyes sex short_hair spiral spiral_eyes sub_on_sub symbol_in_eyes topless tv vaginal  altered_common_sense bulge caption clothed crown dazed dialogue erection_under_clothes ereshkigal_(fate/grand_order) fate/grand_order fate_(series) femsub goddess heart hypnotic_smell hypnotized_assistant ishtar_(fate/grand_order) lordixon_(manipper) maledom manip multiple_girls multiple_subs musk smell sparkle sub_on_sub symbol_in_eyes tagme text  azalea_(azalea) black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair bondage bottomless breast_grab breasts cheek_squish chloe_(sephirothkefka) claire_(sephirothkefka) clown_girl coils cum drill_hair erect_nipples femdom femsub flower futanari futasub green_skin groping handjob happy_trance honey hypnotic_plant kissing lairreverenteboladepelos makeup masturbation midriff navel nipples non-binary non-binary_sub nude orgasm original penis pink_eyes pink_hair plant plant_girl pussy pussy_juice sex smile sub_on_sub symbol_in_eyes tentacle_in_mouth tentacle_sex tentacles threesome topless tortellini_(whatapizzashit) twintails vaginal vines  3d abs arden_(thalarynth) becca_(thalarynth) caption dialogue femdom finger_snap furry handjob harry_(thalarynth) humor kneeling lizard_boy malesub manip multiple_boys multiple_subs original penis scalie sexuality_change snake_girl spiral_eyes sub_on_sub symbol_in_eyes text thalarynth_(manipper)

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