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An anthropomorphic (human-shaped) animal character.

Characters that are almost entirely animal in nature - ones that don't have a particularly human body shape, don't have human hands, etc. - do not receive this tag. (For furries: "feral" characters do not receive this tag.) For example, kaa is not furry. For images that consist only of such non-furry characters, see animals_only.

See also:
* animal_transformation
* animal_ears
* fake_animal_ears
* category:animal_gender
* bestiality

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 bare_shoulders black_skin bug_girl collarbone cum femsub furry ghostec greyscale hollow_knight_(series) hornet_(hollow_knight) huge_breasts huge_cock monochrome nude paizuri pov sex simple_background spiral_eyes symbol_in_eyes topless ballerina blush bulge cheetah_boy complex_background crossdressing dancing femboy femdom feminization furry happy_trance humor hypnotic_screen leggings lion_boy lipstick malesub mouse_girl pink_lipstick rusheloc smile spiral_eyes text tutu  absurdres accidental_hypnosis all_fours black_skin bodysuit brown_hair clothed_exposure control_indicator drool erection exposed_chest fellatio femsub furry gloves haru_okumura hat heart heart_eyes heavy_eyelids large_ass large_breasts makoto_niijima mask open_mouth oral paizuri penis persona_(series) persona_5 sheep_girl short_hair signature sitting surprised thick_thighs tongue trembling zak_hitsuji  absurdres accidental_hypnosis belt brown_hair cleavage clothed control_indicator femsub furry gameplay_mechanics gloves happy_trance haru_okumura hat heart_eyes holding_breasts huge_breasts large_breasts looking_at_viewer mask open_mouth pants persona_(series) persona_5 pink_eyes sheep_girl short_hair signature smile text undressing zak_hitsuji  absurdres accidental_hypnosis ass ass_focus axe brown_eyes brown_hair clothed female_only femsub furry gameplay_mechanics gloves haru_okumura hat heart huge_breasts large_ass leggings looking_at_viewer mask open_mouth persona_(series) persona_5 sheep_girl shirt short_hair shorts sideboob signature solo standing vest weapon zak_hitsuji  ash_(ashkelling) breast_press breasts brown_hair coils femsub folly_(mrgerp) furry happy_trance heart iamaneagle kaa_eyes large_breasts long_hair malesub original red_panda_girl snake sub_on_sub text

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