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An anthropomorphic (human-shaped) animal character.

Characters that are almost entirely animal in nature - ones that don't have a particularly human body shape, don't have human hands, etc. - do not receive this tag. (For furries: "feral" characters do not receive this tag.) For example, kaa is not furry. For images that consist only of such non-furry characters, see animals_only.

See also:
* animal_transformation
* animal_ears
* fake_animal_ears
* category:animal_gender
* bestiality

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blush coils furry original pizza_tower pizzahead ring_eyes text unhappy_trance blush coils furry maledom naga_boy original pizza_tower pizzahead sneklover text coils furry maledom naga_boy original pizza_tower pizzahead sneklover text  cat_boy cat_ears cat_tail feminization final_fantasy furry maledom malesub moogle original robot_boy robotization stormdragonblue tagme tech_control  animals_only animated animated_gif applejack artist_request blonde_hair cowboy_hat disney femsub furry hat horse horse_girl kaa kaa_eyes maledom my_little_pony snake the_jungle_book  ass_expansion assertive_sub before_and_after bimbofication bimbovaporeon bird_girl blue_eyes blue_hair blue_skin blush brain_drain breast_expansion cleavage clothed_exposure consensual dialogue femsub furry glasses hair_growth high_heels huge_ass huge_breasts jeans lip_expansion lipstick long_hair makeup miniskirt navel nintendo pokeball pokemon pokemon_(creature) prostitution red_skin shirt shoes short_hair simple_background skirt smile speech_bubble standing swellow tech_control text thigh_boots thighhighs thong tie torn_clothes transformation transgender tube_top uniform white_background wings yellow_lipstick

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