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A command or trigger that directs the subject to orgasm. The opposite of orgasm denial.

See also:

* edging_command
* kissing_command
* masturbation_command
* sleep_command
* undressing_command

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 absurdres caption chntiixx_(manipper) cleavage cloud_retainer_(genshin_impact) collarbone cyan_eyes cyan_hair femdom genshin_impact glasses green_lipstick hypnotic_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer male_pov manip mikuning miniskirt multicolored_hair office office_lady orgasm orgasm_command pov pov_sub shirt sitting text thighs trigger xianyun_(genshin_impact)  animal_ears animated_gif cumming_out_brain dominatrix femdom feminization furry horns hypnoholic_(manipper) magic malesub manip multicolored_hair my_little_pony orgasm_command ponytail pov_sub princess_celestia purple_eyes riding_crop spiral tail white_skin wings zwitterkitsune  absurdres blonde_hair blue_eyes blush breasts caption caption_only chomikuplus clothed_exposure energy_drain female_only femdom gameplay_mechanics garter_straps golden_scythe_(manipper) good_sub_conditioning gradient_text huge_breasts hypnotic_breasts large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer male_pov malesub manip mommy nipples nun orgasm orgasm_command original paizuri pantyhose pov pov_sub smile text thick_thighs thighs  blush breasts caption caption_only chiaki_nanami clairdelube dangan_ronpa femdom huge_breasts hypnotic_breasts jacket orgasm orgasm_command paizuri pink_eyes pink_hair pixelator5_(manipper) pov pov_sub short_hair sleep_command super_dangan_ronpa_2 text trigger  androgynous androgynous_dom blush bottomless cum cum_on_body dialogue forced_orgasm furry handsfree_ejaculation happy_trance heart heart_eyes kaitty_(kaittycat) kaittycat malesub masturbation nintendo non-human_feet non-human_penis nude open_mouth orgasm orgasm_command original penis pokemon pokemon_(creature) riolu simple_background sitting sketch symbol_in_eyes text tongue tongue_out topless  absurdres ambiguous_pov aphrodisiac armpit_licking armpits arms_above_head black_swan_(honkai_star_rail) breasts caption caption_only chocolate choker dog dress female_only femdom food gloves golden_scythe_(manipper) honkai_star_rail hood hypnotic_armpits hypnotic_drug large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer manip orange_eyes orgasm_command pet_play pink_hair pov pov_sub seductive_smile smile smirk text tomodachi

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