barefoot black_hair blonde_hair brown_hair dark_skin empty_eyes erection femsub glowing glowing_eyes happy_trance hypnotic_accessory kneeling loli long_hair malesub masturbation mr.h multiple_subs open_clothes open_mouth original penis ponytail resisting shota statue undressing western

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Every time I try to do something quick and loose I end up drawing something that takes way more time than it was supposed to.

Golden hypno statues! Perfect alternative for protecting your treasure hoards while also 'adding' to their defence. ;)
Bokasa said:
You did it <3 ah I love you H x3
hey! who's cock I got to suck to get a free comision around here? im poor as fuck! xD
Lovely artwork and cute boys in compromising hypnotic situations, as always ^^
Bokasa said:
You did it <3 ah I love you H x3
FireMario86 said:
Oh Mr H how I love you
poopbrain said:
Mr H you spoil us!
You guys flatter me, I can't handle it!
Pinkanator said:
Rip Ninja foot XP
Nah, sadly it will fall aside.