absurdres blackwidowx choker comic computer dangan_ronpa femsub green_eyes piercing red_hair short_hair text xania_(blackwidowx)

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And thus it begins~

Please full view to read the conversation as it's part of the story itself~! And all things are translated when you view it fully as well~!

Also, please read from right to left!
I like how you leave a lot of small details in your art. Almost 5 AM in the morning and a #6969 Discord ID? Heh, nice.

She had no idea what she was gonna get...
Schmuck bait, noun, (or atleast i think its a noun.)

An obvious trap meant for stupid, gullible, or easily manipulated people.

"You'd have to be a moron to fall for such obvious schmuck bait."
@Hypno Thank you!! It's pretty difficult and time consuming depending on the type of detail, but I'm super glad it's noticed and appreciated! Haha.

Oh gosh, I couldn't resist adding details like that~

@Skullman The... point of this... is...? It seems like a rather unnecessarily rude comment...