barefoot bottomless coils dark_skin earrings female_only femdom femsub green_skin happy_trance hypnotic_eyes long_hair monster_girl naga_girl nude open_mouth ponytail purple_hair red_hair shakiechan shantae shantae_(series) short_hair sitting snake snake_girl topless tuki very_long_hair

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Commission done by shakiechan.

I found shakiechan not long ago and love her adorable art style.

Asked her to do one with ShantaexTuki and i'm happy with the results.
Nice to know that this artist exists and that they draw Hypno and Yuri. Thanks for posting!
Really nice! Thanks for the commission.

I think that sums my opinion up right there.
Well this art is beautifully sexy.

Also, holy crap, the commissions are actually pretty good priced.