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I mean the artist Is making improvements at least. The neck, boobs and elbows could use a bit more work but the anatomy looks ok for the most part. There has been worse anatomy that's passed on this site.
I'm sorry I'm not trying to be rude, but this image has been uploaded over and over with only minor improvements to it. I get that it's probably something they really want to get right, but I'd recommend putting it on the back burner for a while, take some time and let your skills improve. It's a very hard inner-shot to begin with..
You could fetishize this design so well. Shrink the robot body so its whats binding the victim, similar to a straightjacket. With either their arms crossed on their chest or by their sides. At its smaller size, as well as holding the entire upper torso immobile it also tapers down to a crotch strap with all the necessary robot sex toys hidden behind it to aid in entrancement and reinforcement. The blue bits on the smaller headset contain tentacles that slink into the ears and nostrils to pump [i]something[\i] into her and her mouth is now covered by the posture collar that holds the headgear in place and now reaches just below her nose and ears.