08/31/22 11:49AM
What are your favorite less-common tags?
Have you found any hidden gems in the tags? Tags you wish were better known? Interesting oddities? Share them here!
Let's say "uncommon" for this thread is under 1000 posts with that tag (a guideline, not a strict rule). I'll start.

--"Symmetrical_docking". Two people with breasts have them pushed together, chest to chest. Pairs well with another uncommon tag, "double_paizuri", which is two people giving a titjob at once.
--"Turning_the_tables", when a would-be hypnotist gets a taste of their own medicine. Similar to another uncommon tag, "dueling_hypnotists", where multiple characters try to hypnotize each other or a common sub. I find it quite hot to see a cocky hypnotist being brought to their knees by someone better.
--"Naked_apron" and "naked_ribbon" are when someone is naked except for an apron or ribbon. Personally, I like when someone is almost naked but still has something on, like a necklace or a belt, so I quite enjoy these tags. Naked_ribbon pairs well with Christmas or a birthday (both uncommon tags themselves), showing a sub either being given as a gift or giving themselves as a gift. Naked_apron pairs well with "stepfordization", where a character is hypnotized to be like a 1950s era idealized housewife, submissive to her master, happy to cook and clean, her life revolving around pleasing her master.
--"Head_in_breasts": I recently ran across this tag and was surprised it's on so few posts (though I think it applies to many hundreds of posts it's not yet tagged on). I think a lot of people enjoy the idea of their face in between some nice breasts, especially if "hypnotic_breasts" (another uncommon tag) are involved. It's such a logical conclusion to a sub getting lost in their dom's breasts.

I'll stop there for now. If anyone else wants to share some tags, feel free!
08/31/22 07:27PM
even though i prefer it when subs retain most of their personality, i do have something of a fondness for the Twinning tag.
08/31/22 10:35PM
Somehow can’t believe I’m writing this, but Ass Expansion? One of my favorites, for obvious reasons, nothing pairs better with lots of different kinda of hypno and mc then a big fat bubbilicious booty badonkadonk bouncing and bursting out of some tight jeans, yet there’s somehow only 544 at the time of writing this??? Breast expansion has above 3000 so sounds like the playing field needs to be evened. Secondly, afro. Afros are just the hawtest hairstyle and I will not hear any opposition to this. Thirdly, dart and beam. Both are cute and quick ways of delivering mc. Especially seeing someone get that quick prick in the butt, making them tense up and panic, before melting into bliss, or a quick zap to the noggin that makes them a drooling mess. Etc etc.

Edit: Policewoman! I don’t know what it is with me but police are my favorite hypnotic subjects. Seeing a stiff authority figure humiliated in the hottest way possible is just so good. And, how could I possibly forget, twerk! The best thing since sliced bread. Some people call it trashy, I call it art. Is it? No, it’s probably trashy, but I’m so ass obsessed I’ll think of it as highly as the Mona Lisa.

Edit 2: Oh, and hypnotic ass! Again, obvious. Yet I’m still shocked there’s not so much more of it.
09/01/22 10:52PM
Bug_futa and Snail_futa are some very interesting oddities. mostly because there very specific.
09/02/22 04:06AM
09/02/22 11:10AM
@Gamingtime: Here's some more ass-related tags you may enjoy, in case you haven't run across them: ass_rub, ass_grab, buttjob (where a butt stimulates a penis without penetration), and a really niche one, buttface (which is less a butt and more very swollen cheeks, but interesting nonetheless). Looking_back usually also shows a nice view of a character's backside.

ghost13 said:

You may also enjoy the rare tag masculinization.
09/03/22 12:59PM
hypnotic_hair, dueling_hypnotists, and we could always use more turning_the_tables
09/03/22 04:02PM
@Hypnorgasm very good to know, thank you!

I’ve also remembered I love lip expansion. I know in bimbofication a lot of people are turned off by the huge fish lips but for me, I love them. 1. There’s something inherently ridiculous about them, cuz it leaves the girl in question with a big dumb look on her face, but that only enhances the appeal for me. And 2. Just imagine receiving a kiss or blow from those plush smoochers! Nothin wrong with a huge set of bimbo lips, no sir.
09/04/22 02:03AM
stepfordization is a favorite for me as well!! something i really like, which is even rarer to find unfortunately, is when a cute guy is hypnotized into being a housewife but without the bimbofication… (no shame to those that are into that ofc, but it’s not my thing!!)

love potions are another favorite of mine. super underrated! there’s almost nothing in the tags for it!
09/04/22 03:54AM
like, corruption is great and all, but I love to see the bad guy get turned into a goody-2-shoes...
09/04/22 09:35AM
finger_to_forehead for me! I love seeing ppl get their mind drained straight out of their head, especially if they go cross eyed in the process~ <3 Goes hand in hand with hypnotic_touch!
finger_in_mouth and nipple_tweak make me squirm too, such underrated tags! =q=
09/17/22 08:33AM
I've got some foot-related ones this time!
"Dirty_feet" is self-explanatory.
"Foot_focus" is when the picture has prominent feet that are the main point.
"Foot_pendulum" is when a person is holding a pendulum in their toes, a nice combo of feet and hypnosis, as is "hypnotic_feet".
"Footjob" is using feet to stimulate genitals, most often a penis.
And last, "foot_worship". Worship is a foot fetish term for giving specific attention to feet, like touching them, licking them (there's also "foot_licking"), massaging them, etc.

For those who enjoy animal feet, try "non-human_feet", like "paws" and "hooves".
06/17/23 08:23AM
I'm back with some more lesser-known tags!
"Wholesome" and "hug" are for when you want to feel warm and fuzzy, instead of (or sometimes as well as) hot and bothered.
"Cheek_squish" is when something is pressing against someone's cheek. It can be a hand grabbing a face, a head pressed against some breasts, a snake coil wrapping around a face, etc.
"Penis_milking" is using something (like a milking machine or a sucking tentacle) to milk a penis for cum, often repeatedly. Sometimes the cum is used like milk, like in the tag "cum_drinking".
"Packaged" like a doll or toy, all ready to display or sell, as in an "auction".
"Snake_hair", like Medusa. It's a good fit for the idea of snakes being hypnotic.
06/25/23 03:30AM
Some tags I'd love to see more populated, personally:

* 'bragging' - Pretty self-explanatory. A hypnotic dom bragging about how wonderful they are is a major turn-on to me.

* 'hypnotic_cuckolding' and/or 'netorare' - One variation I particularly like is that when a hypnotist doesn't so much break up an existing relationship as insert themselves into it and reorient it around them instead.

* 'masturbation_denial' - When a hypnotist makes the subject unable to masturbate, or derive no pleasure from the act of masturbation. Bonus points if the hypnotist "whitelists" it so the subject can only get off to them.

* 'memory_alteration' - When a hypnotist makes a subject unable to remember something, or implants false memories.

* 'psychic' and/or 'telepathy' - Hypnotists that can read your mind AND control it are distressingly rare. I also like the idea of someone being hypnotized entirely non-verbally - especially in a public place.

* 'ruined_life' - Pretty self-explanatory. Mostly reserved for the MEAN doms who do it just for the hell of it. Sometimes I'm in the mood to see some schmuck get their entire life ruined for the amusement of a powerful hypnotist.
06/26/23 09:01PM

My taste might be a bit unusual, cause I love it when subjects are totally aware and helpless, while their body is hypnotically frozen in place, or forced to follow a command.
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