08/16/23 07:24PM
"Euphoria" from Interstate 60 (MOVIE SPOILERS)
I finished watching the film "Interstate 60", and thought you guys should know. There's a part where our main character has to help a woman find her son. They find him in a club, where everyone is under the influence of this popular drug "euphoria", including the mother's son. Without spoiling too much, they go to the police where the sheriff informs them that euphoria is a drug similar to ecstacy, and mentions that it has aphrodisiac effects as well. Due to story reasons, the sheriff says they can't do anything about the drug and offers the mother some. She cracks, takes it, and as soon as she does she is filled with ecstacy, starts laughing and dancing.

Just thought I'd share. If anything, I would recommend watching the movie as it's pretty good.
08/16/23 09:31PM
Very interesting! Thanks!
08/19/23 11:27AM
THanks a lot for that info. It was hot af IMO: I have a thing for laughing gas and other stuff that makes characters laugh or feel happy in contexts they shouldn't
01/25/24 04:27AM
i just watched this the other day. it's currently on Tubi.

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