01/21/24 06:28AM
What are some characters that have art here but you think desperately need more fodder?
Pretty much what the title says

Anyway I personally think lisia and korrina (both from pokemon) deserve more stuff here!
01/21/24 08:02AM
Irisviel from Fate/Zero, 100%. You can barely find Anything of her. Not just on this site, anywhere. What little you do find has explicit content of her daughter in it, and any timeline where they both exist, she's very underage, and more pertinently for this site, underage-looking, so it's against the rules to upload it.

For a character who gets corrupted by literally all the evil in the world at one point, people just don't seem to grok to doing something to her brain themselves without involving an 8 year old.

...Oo, the original scene where the corruption happens is pretty hot though. I'll get to cutting it out.
01/21/24 08:58AM
Evie Frye from Assassin's Creed. Had one of the best canon Hypno scenes I've viewed, yet only has 5 posts.
01/21/24 07:16PM
For me I'd say female Alear from Fire Emblem and Kris/Crystal from Pokemon.
01/22/24 01:51PM
I'd like to see more dark sammus action.
There aren't that many dark sammus and most of them are just acting like a slut rather than an evil character. If I wasn't that busy I'd probably make a game of dark sammus corrupting Sammus and then the 2 of them corrupting everyone in their way.
01/22/24 07:38PM
We could always use more Toku babes, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Power Rangers, not to mention Amphibia and Owl House ladies.

Oh and that girl from the "Lofi beats to study to" vid.
01/26/24 09:40PM
Actually I gotta add this, there's a good bit of art for skyla and elesa and yet basically none of it is yuri

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