04/07/24 07:26PM
Hypno/brainwahsing or mind alteration that makes characters not realizing they're in danger or okay with the idea of committing stuff that's dangerous of even lethal for them
Sorry for the long ass title. Wanted to know if you knew more content similar to that.

oban star racer (hypnotized to be okay with the idea of having a lethal car accident)

Smurfs and other characters hypnotized to be okay with the idea of jumping themselves in a boiling cauldron.

Marsupilami hypnotized to zombie walk despite the fall that'll be lethal

Danganronpa suicide hypno (warning: very dark and messed up)

Thanks a lot for your help ^^
04/07/24 07:55PM
Would Death Note's scene with that policewoman count?
04/07/24 08:19PM
100% yeah ^^. Btw character do not need to be female (I do not mind at all male characters being involved).
04/07/24 08:36PM
I think there's some in one of the routes in Penlight, right?
04/08/24 12:48AM
You could have just said hypno peril.
04/08/24 01:53AM
There's an episode of The New Batman Adventures where Scarecrow creates a gas that takes away fear, though the process is consensual.
04/08/24 03:36AM
On Prime there is a show called, Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy.
The overarching plot if the season is the two doctors' attempt to turn a cortisol-eating brain parasite into a cure of anxiety disorder. After an emotional blow, on of the doctors who has been suffering anxiety disorder her whole life basically goes "fuck it" and infects herself.
She goes from being afraid of everything to being utterly reckless. The climax of which is to preform untested brain surgery on herself on live TV. An untested procedure that MIGHT keep the parasite from growing and therefore NOT popping her melon!
04/08/24 10:12AM
There is this manga called lost+brain about a genius student that wants to create somewhat of a new world order and plans on using hypnosis to achieve it, across the story he causes multiple people to kill themselves to further his goals by having them perform specific actions unaware of their surroundings. It’s honestly an interesting reading been kinda like death note with realistic-ish hypnosis as a main element.
04/08/24 01:21PM
First of all, thanks a lot for the examples you guys shared. Many of them see pretty promising to say the least. I love how each of them is destined to a different audience or uses different ways (ntm the approach, for example realistic vs surreal).

I just remembered a scene or rather an episode that may interest some of you. In RWBY a grimm (hostile creature) named "Apathy" has the ability to make people weak willed, rendering them "mentally lazy". It goes to the point where they quite literally become like that meme with the dog surrounded by flame who's like "this is fine". Despite the seriousness and danger of the situation they are will drained and don't even think they're in danger or that they should run (they are too mentally weakened to even consider their lives a priority). Many characters are affected by this creature's power.

Also sorry again for the long ass title.
04/08/24 03:53PM
This stuff is totally my jam.

The Batman: The Adventures Continue Season 2 Issue 7 has Barbara Gordon hypnotized to first try and tilt an election towards a corrupt politician, then throw herself from a skyscraper in order to cover their tracks.

EDIT: There's also the animated movie Anastasia, where Anastasia is trapped in a hypnotic dream to throw herself off a boat during a storm.
04/08/24 10:42PM
thanks a lot for your participation. I remember the Anastasia one now that I think about it.

I also suddenly remember a scene from the mummy the animated serie. Forgot the ep number but I remember it was on an island with a volcano and a young (black?) girl was hypnotized to walk on a dangerous path that could make her fall in the volcano's lava.

Now that I think about it there is also ygo dm: Tea (anzu) and Joey (Jonouchi) are mind controlled to put themselves in lethal situations to prevent Yugi from leaving them behind and accept the duel.
Anzu is controlled to use handcuffs attached to an anchor on Yugi and Jonouchi then she attaches herself on a chair that restrains her and if Anyone tries to interrupt the duel a container placed above the chair kills her.
Jonouchi is controlled during the whole duel to battle against Yugi and the loser is dragged into the ocean. Since he is controlled Jonouchi does not mind this.
The funny thing is that Anzu is quickly released from ehr control and calls for help just after she is restrained on the chair she "willingly" sat on.

This happened in ep 75, 76, 77 and 78
04/08/24 10:56PM
No problem!

Mentioning the volcano also reminded me of this, starts about 16 min in:
04/09/24 07:39AM
For posts on this site, there are the tags "imminent_vore" (for when a character is about to get eaten) and "peril", for more general danger.

Outside of the Hub, there's a scene from a 2003 animated movie called Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, where a ship sails through a dangerous cave that has sirens. The sirens' song lulls the male ship crew into a solid three minutes of the sirens trying to either coax them to walk off the ship or be blissfully uncaring/unaware of the ship crashing into jagged rocks. They survive only because they had a woman (I don't remember why she's with them) and a dog on board who were unaffected by the sirens. Here's a link:

EDIT: I have now posted parts of that scene here. They are post #201608, post #201658, post #201660, and post #201661. They don't cover the whole scene though, so consider also watching the full scene at the link.
04/09/24 02:26PM
Thanks a lot for that participation. It reminds me: in the manga edens zero in chap 147, 148 and 149 or something like that, some characters are mind altered to be sexually aroused by the idea of killing themselves via auto strangulation.
05/03/24 07:09PM
Imagine how gutted I felt when I found out Onward originally had a cute satyr girl, AND she was hypnotized and put into a sinking house.
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