04/21/24 08:46PM
Intrusive ads
Has anyone else been having an issue with the ads on this site? About 80% of them seem to be extending past the expanded bounds and covering up the top section of images.

Is anyone else seeing this? Or is it just me?
04/22/24 09:09AM
My last manip was actually hidden by one of those ads once, and I was (at first) like "Shieeeet, did I fucked up something with Krita when editing and I didn't notice?"

So no, it's not just you XD
04/22/24 03:22PM
Yes, it’s really bad, I can’t view content on my phone anymore
04/24/24 01:17AM
From what I've found so far on mobile is that reloading the page until you get a less intrusive ad is the only real solution for now
04/25/24 01:01AM
I only ever get the ads when I'm not logged on, which simultaneously serves to remind me to log back into my account whenever my browser decides "yeah you've been logged on to X sites for long enough, get logged out, idiot".

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