05/02/24 02:49AM
Adding character/artist/fandom tags?
Been adding pieces onto the site for a minute now and I still have no idea how to add in new character/artist/fandom tags that aren't on the site yet. How would one go about doing this when adding/tagging?

Have been adding in artists as they pop up in the artists tab, but ain't been seeing them popup in the search bar or when adding in work for that artist.

Trying to avoid having to rely on others and add the 'character/artist request' tag...

Appreciate any assistance with this!!!
05/02/24 03:59AM
To add an character/artist/copyright tag you add a prefix char: or artist: or copy: to the tag.
Alternatively you can make the tag then change its type in the Tags menu/tab

The artist tab as far as I know is not integrated to anything outside of it, so basically useless.
05/04/24 03:28AM
Perfect! Worked quite well! Many thanks!!!

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