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These are not the official rules, refer to help:rules_and_policies for the rules that are currently being enforced.

You must be at least 18 to view this site.

Please Note

Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from punishment. It is your responsibility to read, understand, and follow the rules.

These rules are guidelines. What is and is not acceptable and the punishments involved are at the sole discretion of the HypnoHub administration.

For information on how to use the site or related concerns, please see our frequently_asked_questions page.

HypnoHub Staff

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the rules or HypnoHub in general, please feel free to contact one of our administrative members by clicking on their name below.

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General Site Rules

Be courteous and respectful to other members on the site. Opinions are welcome, but flaming, trolling, intolerant comments, or personal attacks on members will result in a warning or ban. You must be at least 18 to view this site, but we will assume you are underage and act accordingly if you act like a child. Please remember that this is a community, not a personal playground.

If you do not like a post for its content (i.e. scat or futanari), please blacklist the associated tags instead of commenting.

Do not "bump" posts.
The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping very old threads for no reason. If you have new information or new insight, or something new to say, that's fine. But avoid bumping old threads when you have nothing new to add.

For further information, please refer to the help:rules_of_conduct.

When uploading an image, make sure it does not fall under any of our Forbidden Content categories below. Failure to comply may result in a ban. We also ask that you tag your images as best as possible when uploading. Please see help:tagging_guidelines and list_of_categories for more info on how to tag an image and what tags we typically use. If you see an image that is improperly tagged, we ask that you fix them by clicking “Edit” underneath the image and adding the tags to the text box.

For uploading many images at once, please see help:bulk_posting_guidelines.

If you are not the original artist, please include a source link to any images you upload. This includes links to the original base image used in manips or captions. Please credit original artists as best as you can, while it’s okay to not include a source or artist name if you don’t know it, actively claiming to own a work that is not yours may result in a ban.

Image Policies

Images that don't adhere to these policies may be removed at any point and users are encouraged to flag any that break them.

Underaged Content
Any real-life depictions of persons under 18 (or drawn attempts to mimic them) are not allowed.

Depictions of loli/shota (non-realistic anime/cartoon style) are allowed as long as the content isn't explicit in nature.

Non-Hypno/Mind Control Content
Content is required to have a clear indication of mind control or hypnosis in it. Signs that are less obvious are allowed as long as they are contextually relevant to the source media or non-canon (e.g. shadaloo_dolls)

Extreme Gore/Guro
We don't allow content containing excessive amounts of blood, gore or physical injuries on the site. Enforcement is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Real-life Content
Any real-life content has to be from an established form of media like movies or TV shows that clearly show mind control behavior or content from an official hypnofetish source like GirlsGoneHypnotized or Entrancement UK.

Manips or captions using real-life content are not allowed.

User submitted photos/videos are not allowed.

Real Persons
Content that depicts a real person (or a persona meant to represent one) has to originate from a primary source or depict someone that has gone on record as being okay with hypno-related depictions of themselves.

A primary source is any piece of content that has either been created by, uploaded by or made with the person's knowledge and consent.

Vtubers as a general rule of thumb are characters rather than personas and do not apply here.

Depictions of bestiality are only permitted for drawn content.

Paysite Content
Content from sites with a paywall or with a commercial site watermark are not permitted. Artist or non-commercial watermarks (i.e. Deviantart) are fine.

Please keep in mind that sites like exhentai or often host paywalled content and should be avoided as an image source.

Traced Content
Traced content is not allowed unless the tracing artist has explicit permission or includes a clear image source. Attempts to pass off traced work as original will result in a ban.

Traced content will be removed on request by the original artist/commissioner without question.

Mass-produced Content
Content made using tools like kisekae or ai_art are subject to increased scrutiny and may be removed if the final result is deemed too generic or low-effort.

Manips and captions are allowed, providing they adhere to the following criteria:
1) The resulting content clearly displays hypnosis/mind control themes.
2) Any edits/additions are of sufficient quality and relevant to the existing content.
3) Sources are listed.
4) Artist credits are left untouched or are not overshadowed by other watermarks or signatures.

Low quality, low effort or repetitive content may be removed/banned on a case-by-case basis.

Content that has excessive compression artifacts or fringing may be removed on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity. Uploads from sites like twitter or pixiv should always be done at the highest available quality.

Using AI upscalers to artificially increase the quality or resolution of an image is not allowed.

AI Content
AI generated content is required to be tagged appropriately using the ai (ai_art, ai_voice) meta tags, failing to do so will result in the image getting deleted.

Trying to pass off AI generated content as original is grounds for an immediate ban.

Blacklisted Artists/Do-Not-Post

An updated list of artists that have requested themselves to be blacklisted from the site/added to the DNP list is available on the forums: forum #105977

Works from these artists are not allowed to be uploaded to the site and will be removed on sight.

Avatar Rules and Guidelines

Avatars do not have to be hypnosis/mind control related but are not allowed to contain anything offensive, disturbing or content that's against the site's rules. Including but not limited to: Explicit loli/shota, scat, farting, urine, gore and death.

Quality Control

While our intention is to provide an open haven for hypnosis and mind control fans alike, we do enforce some quality control guidelines. We're not trying to be art snobs but we do want to encourage people to put time and effort into creating content.

Anyone is free to flag an image for quality control, the worst that can happen is that the flag gets removed by a moderator.

Content may be subject to removal for quality reasons if any of the following apply:
1) Low resolution
2) Illegible or error-ridden text
3) Excessive anatomy/perspective issues
4) Low-effort edits (e.g. empty eyes, poorly aligned spirals)
5) Unrelated edits/captions
6) Repetitive content

This is not an exhaustive list of reasons and moderators reserve the right to apply their own quality standards.

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