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Important Thread Directory
In order to help keep our count of stickied threads minimal while still allowing useful threads to be found, I'm making this post to link to useful threads that won't be stickied. This list will mostly contain ongoing, official threads such as the Official Tags Thread by greasyi, or useful guide threads such as The IRC guide by jxp.

If there are any threads you feel should probably be listed here, just post about it here and I'll take a look.


Official Threads
This section is for Official threads used to consolidate specific types of conversation.

Obligatory Links List forum #22
Lots of useful links to sites relevant to our interests (ie. hypnosis and mind control).

Official Tags Thread forum #51288
To use for tag suggestions and discussion. If a tag definition should be refined, if the usage of a tag should change, etc.

The Hunting Thread forum #10859
Need to find that hypnosis image you saw a long time ago? Post about it here, and maybe we can help! This is the "Lost and Found" thread for HypnoHub!

Mind Control Scenes in Japanese and Western Animation!! forum #15613
Found a scene that has mind control in an Japanese anime or a western cartoon? Let it be known here

Hypnosis and Mind Control in Video Games forum #7116
Playing a game and suddenly hypnosis happens? Rap about it over here.

General Manip Request Thread forum #111
Found an image that you want hypno-fied? Manip requests go here.

Art General Critique/Feedback Thread forum #34379
Place for artists and other creators to get help and advice regarding their drawings.

Story Thread forum #8027
Thread for users to share their short stories that they have written.

General Media News Thread forum #41203
Discuss recent happenings on the news here. Please note to avoid political discussion.

Vent Room forum #19822
Have a bad day? You can vent about it here. Keep it within the general guidelines (found in the opening post) though!

Happy vent room forum #67748
Have a good day? talk about it in the happy vent room.

Hello! (Aka. Club Nadia) forum #2913
The legendary official off-topic thread. This is the thread where silly, twitter-like posts go. Hang out, enjoy yourselves, and talk about whatever! ...Within the confines of the rules, of course. The largest thread on HypnoHub!

Birthday Thread forum #34298
Is it your birthday? Is it someone else's birthday? Do you just want to say happy birthday? Post it all here!

Manipulation Tips and Tricks forum #2317
Want to learn a thing or two about the tools needed to make a picture better? This is the thread for you.


Archived Threads
This section is for old, yet still possibly relevant threads.

Bug Report (v. 1.0.6) forum #2484
The most current bug report thread. While the software we use is currently not in development, the bugs listed are still bugs we have now.

End to an Era of a Sort forum #60350
To commemorate and announce the stepping down of the site founders and admins, Vanndril and Mindwipe.

HypnoHub Monthly Themes Thread! forum #13457
The was-official thread for the now-retired Monthly Themes.
06/21/17 06:42PM
Vanndril said:
If there are any threads you feel should probably be listed here, just post about it here and I'll take a look.

These seem like good ones to add to the list, in my opinion.

"STORY THREAD": (Seems like a good idea to add it to the list, just in case it goes unused for a while.)

"PSA: downloading from tumblr" thread: (Seems like a fairly important thread for people to be able to quickly reference when reposting an image on here that came from Tumblr.)

"Art general crit/feedback/help thread": (So that people can more easily find it, for the same reason as the "STORY THREAD".)

"New Tag Creation Policy" thread: (Seems like an important thread to keep in an easy to find location...)


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